Test mode of integration

This guide will explain how to run some integrations in test mode before enabling it.

Prerequisites for being able to put one of our integrations into test mode are that you have connected with your HR system and performed the attribute mapping.

Go to the relevant article depending on which HR system you are connecting to and follow the instructions: 

Activating Test Mode

Once you have connected and performed the attribute mapping according to your preferences, press the "Save & Test" button. 

Once this is done the integration will go into test mode. 

Accessing Test Results

A notification will be sent once per hour to Administrators containing test results in CSV files that you can review. Open the notification by navigating to: 

  1. "Notifications" in the left side menu
  2. Locate the "Integration test results ready" notification
  3. Click on the notification

The test results will be summarized in view like this. 

You can proceed by downloading the test results, the results will be in 3 separate files, one per category (Created, Updated, Delete). 

  • Created: Contains new users that are not in Eletive. 
  • Updated: Contains existing users in Eletive.
  • Delete: Contains users in that will be deleted/excluded. 

How to work with the test results

Before enabling the integration, the existing user profiles in Eletive will have to be connected between Eletive and the HR system. Otherwise, they will not be linked between the systems and not be updated in Eletive. 

The test results will find and match user profiles between Eletive and the HR system based on either email or externalId. The "Updated" test result file will contain users in Eletive that has been matched.

The externalId will be the unique identifier for the integration. In order to connect the existing user profiles, the externalId value from the "Updated" test result files needs to be uploaded (through the Mass Edit feature) to Eletive before enabling the integration.