Working with segment comments

As a manager, you are able to see and answer comments in your segments.


Use labels to be able to filter out comments that you want to continue working with at a later stage.


You can open each comment in a separate chat to answer the comment. The user will see that it is you who wrote the answer but if the user replies, the user will be anonymous. This is a great way to break through the barriers of communication.


Sometimes there is time to read but not to respond to every comment. However, it is often appreciated to acknowledge that the comment has been seen and read. Do this by pressing the Acknowledge button. If you acknowledge a comment, this will be noted in the chat for the employee who made the comment to see. You are not anonymous in a chat if you answer a comment in a segment as a manager but the employee who made the comment will always be (and you will also be when chatting in the Me section).

Sort and filter

To find specific comments that interest you, make use of the sort and filter features to narrow down the list. You can also search for text in the comment.

Filter comments