Attrition Risk feature

Employee attrition can cause major challenges for any company. When employees leave a business, it can have detrimental impacts on productivity, profitability, culture, and morale. Calculate your attrition risk with the use of this feature.


Attrition risk can be used to find areas within the organization where there are employees with a higher risk of leaving the company. As an administrator you have full control as to whether Attrition risk results should be visible for admins only or whether the analysis should also be made available for managers. The respective switch can be found in the attribute specific settings, making it possible to switch on/off attrition risk results attribute by attribute. 


Eletive uses a correlation analysis model which is based on well-established scientific data and research. Eletive looks at how leaving employees are answering the surveys and calculates attrition risk based on previous behavior.

Key Factors

The basis for the attrition risk is a model trained on millions of data points and a multitude of factors. Some key factors used to determine attrition risk include:

  • Engagement
  • eNPS
  • Specific questions
  • Participation
  • Trends

Attrition Risk Level

Taking into account the above-mentioned key factors, our model can predict a percentage value, depicting the share of employees that with a high, medium or low risk of attrition. We get our attrition risk percentage by combining the high risk employees with the medium risk employees.

Risk Percentage value 
Low  0-30%
Medium 30-50%
High 50-100%


Organization level

When viewing attrition risk on the organization level, you will be able to see the attrition risk index, including a benchmark, trendline and percentage value for the share of employees with medium/high attrition risk (= distribution). 

Below this general overview, you will see an overview of segments with the highest attrition risk indexes in the organization.

If the Insights-feature is activated, you will be able to view Insight-cards based on the calculated attrition risk index, by navigating to Insights under the Organization-tab. If the index changes by more than 10% compared to the previous survey, an insight card will be created. 

Segment level

Using the same calculation model, you will also find attrition risk results on each segment that you've set up in Eletive. The segment-specific attrition risk result includes an attrition risk index, a benchmark, trendline and percentage value for the share of employees with medium/high attrition risk (= distribution). 

In addition to this, you will also be able to see an overview of attrition sensitive questions. These are the questions where you have survey results with a particularly strong connection to the attrition risk calculated by our model. For these questions, the tool will also depict the benchmark and the segment-advice. 

If the Insights-feature is activated, you will also be able to see attrition risk-related insights for segments that have a manager connected in the system.


Your attrition risk-results will also come up for the segment-results available to you in the heatmap.

The colour of the fields in the attrition risk-column is related to the attrition risk result and follows the logic below:

Risk Colour
Low (0-30 %) Green
Medium (30-50%) Orange
High (50-100%) Red