Benchmarks settings for the organization

Eletive has excellent options for benchmarking capabilities. The benchmarks can be seen in the reports and are updated once a week.


Eletive has an extensive database containing different industries and users for organizations around the world which results in a great benchmark. By default, the none industry-specific Eletive benchmark is used for the entire organization. This benchmark contains data from all our users across different industries.

To change what benchmark is used, perform the following:

  • Navigate to Settings and Benchmark
  • Pick a benchmark you want to use for the organization report, the individual reports, and the segment reports (these do not have to be the same). There is a section for each organization/report level in the settings view
  • The following benchmarks that could be used are: 
    • All companies using Eletive
    • Industry: Pick a specific industry to benchmark against
    • Organization: Benchmark internally against the organization's own result
      • The organization benchmark is calculated by averaging all data for the organization since starting with Eletive. 
    • Standard attribute: Select to benchmark with one of our standard attributes such as Sex, Collar Type, Company Size etc. These benchmarks are particularly useful to apply as Segment-specific benchmarks. 
      • Select one of the standard attributes
      • Select which target (segment) you want to benchmark with

Note:  If noticing that the Organization benchmark differs from the result in the Organization report these are potential explanations as to why:

  1. The internal benchmark value is an average over time, meaning that it's not supposed to reflect the most recent result shown in the Organization report.
  2. Some schedules may be excluded from being shown in the Organization report.
  3. The benchmark calculations happen once a week and might not have been updated yet.

Segment-specific benchmarks

If you want a specific segment to have a different benchmark than what you have selected as your segment standard benchmark, you can select a segment-specific benchmark. To select a segment-specific benchmark, follow the steps outlined below:

    • Navigate to Settings and Benchmark
    • Scroll down to Segment-specific benchmark
    • Select the segment(s) that should have a different benchmark. 
    • Select what benchmark you wish segment to benchmark against, you can read about the different benchmarks above
    • If you have chosen Industry, Segment or Standard attribute to benchmark against, please select which target within the attribute you want to use

Note:  If using segments as benchmark type for specific segments, they are also calculated by averaging all data for that segment since starting with Eletive.