Create an action

Create an action for the whole organization, for a selected segment, or for yourself as an individual to keep track of what to do and progress.

If you ask yourself, should I create an action or objective? Follow this rule of thumb:

  • Is it something you should do? Example: Plan a team activity
    • Create an action
  • Is it something you should achieve? Example: Increase sales
    • Create an objective

Driver connection 

Is the aim is to take action on something connected to one of the drivers in Eletive? Then you can connect the objective to that specific driver to follow progress. This parameter is optional to use.

Public or Private action

You can choose to make your action public or private.


Not available as there is no higher entity.


If you create an action on a segment level and you want the parent segments and the organization to see it, choose public. Otherwise, choose private for it to only be visible to users with segment access.


If you create an action on an employee level and you want it to be visible in segments you are a part of (and your managers), choose public. Otherwise, choose private and only you will see it.


Add at least one item to perform to finish the action.


If there is a deadline for the action, add it if you want to.


If the action should have a responsible user (apart from the entity it is in, meaning apart from the user that creates it), then you can add one or multiple users as responsible. A common scenario is that a manager creates an action and delegates the action by assigning an employee(s) as responsible. That user(s) will be able to update the progress but not edit the action itself.