Add custom drivers and questions

Create your own drivers and questions as a part of the survey

Custom questions are questions added to extend the standard question battery. These questions are answered on a scale of 1-5 and can be sent to targeted groups or to the entire organization. You can also add your own advice to the questions.


As an organization, you are working with your company’s values on a regular basis, these are a natural part of everyone’s day-to-day work. As these are important to your organization, you may want to measure how the employees are experiencing these values. To obtain this, you create a custom driver named "Company X values" where you place your custom questions, covering your internal values to get feedback from your employees on these topics. The custom questions will be added as positive statements as the statements will be answered with a value between 1-5.

Add a driver

  1. Navigate to Settings and Questions
  2. Press the Add driver button
  3. Enter the name of the driver in English. If you want the driver in another language press Add Translation

The driver can be seen as the category of the questions you want to ask that will get a driver value based on the questions in it. Examples of drivers can be company-specific questions, company values, etc.

Add a question

If you want to add a question to your survey, you will have to create a driver before adding the question. It is recommended to create new drivers for your own questions. However, you can also add a question to an already existing driver. To add a new question to a driver, proceed by

  1. Pressing the Add question button
  2. Enter the question in English. In step 7 you'll continue to add translations for other languages if preferred. 
  3. Either choose to include the question in the overall Engagement index or not and also select if the question should be allowed to skip

    Note: If you decide to add your own questions, you will not be able to see a benchmark score outside of your own organization. We recommend that you do not include your additional question(s) in the Engagement Index unless it is a question you plan on consistently using. 

    There is no limit to the number of question that can be added and included in the Engagement Survey. But we do recommend to be mindful of the number as to many questions can cause survey fatigue. 

    It is also recommended that you do not allow your employees to skip questions. 

    4.  Select the driver this question should belong to

    5.  If you only want specific segments and users to receive the question, choose your target group.

    Note: Leave empty if the entire organization should be targeted which is generally recommended. When targeting a specific segment with a question, the result for that question will only be displayed in that specific segment report, and will not appear in the heatmap. 

    6.  If desirable, add advice that will visible in the reports. You can add advice for both Employee level and Segment level

    7.  For each question and advice you can also add translation by pressing the translations tab and choose the language of your choice in the dropdown list

    When you have added a translation for a question or advice it will be shown in the language drop down box in the "Translated" section. The languages that has no translation will be listed under the "Untranslated" section. If you want to add more translations, simply choose the language listed under Untranslated and add your translation. You can add multiple translations before pressing save.


    8.  Press save


    To edit a question or advice

    1.  Navigate to Settings and Questions

    2. Select the question you want to edit by pressing the three dots

    3. Go to the translation tab

    4. Choose question or advice, depending on what you would like to edit, and update the text 

    5. Press save