Employee Communication

How to prepare employees in the best possible way

Communication is an important part of the employee adoption of Eletive. The clearer the employee understands the purpose, the higher the response rates and the more positive effects will be achieved. Below the communication is split into two phases. Choose yourself if you want to combine them or not.

Communicate ”awareness” (recommended 1-2 months before 1st survey send-out)
The awareness should include

  • Why
    E.g. The purpose of implementing Eletive is to increase wellbeing and engagement to even higher levels. By using Eletive we want to show that we take these subjects seriously
  • What and How
    E.g. Eletive is a modern employee engagement and wellbeing assessment tool. Eletive has a unique approach, that includes all individuals within the organization. In addition to results feedback for teams and managers, all employees will get access to the tool, to review their own results and track development over time. The tool also provides advice on what to do, to improve your wellbeing and engagement

Communicate” interest” (recommended 1-2 weeks before 1st survey send-out)
The interest should include

  • A reminder the Eletive survey that will be sent out in 1-2 weeks
  • What will this mean for the employee? E.g. You will receive an email from Eletive in 1 week. The email will include a link to a survey. It is important for you and your colleagues that you answer truthfully on the survey questions. Do not miss out on your individual results and advice connected to each topic


All answers are anonymous, and no one can see what a single individual has answered but themselves. For managers and admins to view segment results, there needs to be a minimum number of answering users within a segment. The default setting is 5 for minimum answering users within a segment.

Involve everyone

Eletive has a clear purpose of involving everyone in the company towards higher engagement and wellbeing. This is not only the responsibility of managers, HR, and the board. Promote viewing the employee’s individual results and the advice, to involve the employees in the solution. This will also take some pressure off the managers, especially when pulsing out questions.

Communicate how often the manager should work with the results

A common misconception by managers is that they should work with results at the same frequency as the survey send-outs, meaning creating action plans, booking up team meetings, etc. This is not the case. Action plans are normally created or updated on a bi-monthly, quarterly, or half-year basis. Sometimes even more seldom. Eletive strongly recommends communicating the expectations of the managers. An example of this can be:

"As a manager, you are expected to walk through the results with your team on an X basis. During the meeting, you can create or update your action plan. In addition, we do recommend you to log in to Eletive and check your values from time to time to keep track of employee engagement. "