Employees with stress symptoms


All employees are anonymous, which means that you as a manager cannot see who specifically is exhibiting stress symptoms. This is a requirement to create credibility in the answers.

Taking action

When it comes to relieving stress and/or severe stress symptoms, a change in the current situation is often a requirement. The will to change must primarily come from the individual.

In case of severe stress symptoms, the employee receives a notification in Eletive to contact HR or their manager. It is then up to the individual to make contact. If stress, for example, is due to factors outside of work, this needs to be respected. Therefore, the individual must be allowed to own the result without pressure to share. However, we recommend that managers who have many employees with stress symptoms, create a climate where employees can talk about their problems with the manager or HR. It is usually done by raising the challenges together with the group and having an engaging discussion that results in action. In the event of far-reaching stress, an expert may also need to participate in the discussion.