Export API

This article will explain the Eletive Export API feature. More specifically how to create and manage API applications that can be used to export certain data from Eletive.

Eletive Export API can be used to extract data from Eletive, which can be used in other contexts outside the Eletive platform. The Export API documentation can be found here: https://developers.eletive.com/reference/api/public/

Enable the feature

  1. Navigate to Settings/Features 
  2. Enable the Export API toggle. 

This enables the feature, making it visible under Settings as a sub-section. 

Create an API application

1. Navigate to Settings/Export API. If Export is not shown follow the steps above under "Enable the feature". 

2. Click on the + Create new app-button. 

3. Enter your App Name

4. Your Credentials are shown, the Client Secret is only shown once. It can always be re-generated if needed. Once saved, close the pop-up windows. 

5. You have now successfully created an application. Proceed with the additional configuration steps under the section "Manage an API application" below.

Manage an API application

  1. In the Select app-drop down, select which app you wish to manage. 
  2. Management is performed in the three different tabs, General, Scopes, and Security. Click in the tabs to navigate between the different settings of the application. 
  3. In the General tab, you can: 
    1. Edit the App name of the application 
      1. Click on the pencil icon
      2. Edit the name and press Save
    2. View the Client ID and regenerate the client secret
      1. Click on Regenerate.
      2. Confirm regeneration of Client Secret 
    3. Delete the application 
  4. In Scopes tab, you select which data that should be available for the app. 
    1. Select scopes by toggling the options on and off.

  5. In the Security tab, you can:
    1. Restrict the app's usage to a list or range of IP addresses.