Feature Update - Conversations

We have updated our comments feature with a new design, new features and a new name: Conversations! Read more about the update below

Updated design

To promote and create more dialogues throughout organizations we have updated our Comments feature and given it a new name: Conversations. With an updated design we aim to make working with all types of comments easier. The design gives administrators and managers a better overview of all conversations and what comments to respond to.

Read Receipts

Chats now automatically provide a "Read Receipt". This change streamlines the communication flow, enhancing transparency, saving time, and improving the user experience. This enhancement will make communication even more seamless for all users.

This update will replace the “Acknowledge” button in Eletive.

Conversations Context + overview

Action menu

Each conversation will have four new options when clicking the “Edit dots” – Go to driver report, Save for later, Copy link to comment, Delete comment.

Go to driver report

Navigate to the driver report associated with a specific conversation. This feature ensures that you can swiftly access relevant information. Go straight from the comment to the driver report to see driver index, question scores, trends etc.

Save for later

Now you can save a conversation for later, ensuring that important conversations are always within reach when you need them.

Copy link to comment

Generate a direct link to a specific conversation to send to a manager or administrator that has access to the same conversation. If the link is clicked by someone who does not already have access to the conversation, the link will be invalid.

Delete comment

Gives Administrator role in Eletive the possibility to delete a comment. Could be necessary if the comment for example should contain GDPR related information.

Chat + Action menu

Note: The comment will appear as "deleted by an administrator" for the employee and anyone with access to the comment.

New filtering options

We have expanded the filtering capabilities with new options, providing you with more control and a better workflow when working with comments. Sort by newest or oldest, apply specific Date ranges or filter by reply status. Additional filters include driver, specific questions, comment types, question type, question score. If Listening AI is enabled, it will also be possible to utilize the Listening AI analysis filter to filter on sentiment categories.


Conversation Context

When a comment is written on a question, you gain access to valuable metrics, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the discussion:

Question driver

The driver connected to the question will be displayed in the comment view.

Question score

Managers and administrators now can view the score associated with the question linked to the user's conversation.

Sentiment categories

Whether positive, negative, or neutral, this feature allows you to quickly grasp the emotional tone of responses, facilitating a nuanced understanding of user feedback. (Will be shown when the feature Listening AI is enabled)

eNPS group

Identify if comments align with the Promoter, Detractor, or Passive categories.


Conversation Context zoomed in

Conduct/Perform survey (Comment box)

To promote leaving comments in the organization, the comment box will always be visible for the user when utilizing the Survey Comments feature. Rather than requiring a click on the “Comment” icon the box is always present and ready to receive valuable insights from the users.

Encourage comment if low-scored answer

As the comment box now will be open as a default, the toggle “Encourage comment if low-scored answer” will get new logic:

1. If “Comments” and “Survey Comments” are enabled in the feature settings, the toggle “Encourage comment if low-scored answer" will not be visible in the Schedule settings. The comment box will be shown when taking a survey.

2. If only “Comments” is enabled in the feature settings, the comment box will not be visible when conducting a survey.

The toggle will be visible in the schedule. If toggle is enabled the comment box will only be displayed when a user answers 1 or 2.


If you have any questions about this feature update, feel free to reach out to your customer success manager or the customer support team support@eletive.com