Assign manager access on segments

Managers are users that are given manager access to segments. This means that those users will be able to see the reports for those segments and interact with the features available for them.

To add a manager to a segment, navigate to settings, attributes and select a choice or user attribute. One user can be a manager for multiple segments. One segment can also have multiple managers. There are different ways to add managers to segments which are outlined below.


Add managers one by one
  1. Click on the number in the Managers column on the segment where you want to add a manager
  2. Click the input box and search for the manager
  3. Press the + button to add

add manager

Mass edit

  1. Press the Mass edit managers button 
  2. Download the template and add one manager per segment per row
    1. NOTE: Do not add both email and external ID, pick one or the other
    2. Remove the empty column that was not chosen, either email or external id 
  3. Save the file (do not change file-format)
  4. Upload the file


See the user provisioning documentation for more information.