Privacy & Anonymity

You answer, and Eletive will make sure that you are anonymous.

Can other people see my answers?

No! Your answers will be presented to yourself when you sign in to Eletive. No other person like your manager or any other person in your organization will be able to access them, they are for your benefit only. Managers and leaders only see anonymized and aggregated results. All answers and data are secured server-side behind several layers of security certified by for example ISO 27001 and SOC 2 TYPE II.

The importance of completing the surveys

To be employed by a workplace that is a delight to work for is a great feeling right? To help your workplace improve, giving feedback is an important cornerstone. This way, the leaders of the organization can improve on the areas that have room for improvement and keep going with the parts that are already doing great. This benefits everybody, including yourself.

Apart from helping the organization to help you, you will also be able to track your own progress and exercise self-leadership of your own situation which advice and coaching from the tool.

Simply put, you help yourself and your organization to thrive.