Suggested Actions

Our Suggested Action feature is designed to help your organization take action on your results. The suggested actions are written by organizational psychologists and are available for each specific question in Eletive.

Suggested Actions

This feature gives your managers and employees an opportunity to easily work with actions specifically connected to a driver and question. You can either utilize Eletive's suggested actions written by organizational psychologists or create your own suggested actions as an administrator in Eletive. When turning the feature "Actions" on, you will have the opportunity to also turn on "Suggested actions". The suggested actions will appear when you click on advice within each question and will be added to your action plan.  

As an employee, you have the opportunity to read and add suggested actions when viewing your advice. These suggested actions are based on what you as an employee can do to work with the specific questions. You have the opportunity to add the suggested action to your own action plan and work with them privately.

The suggested actions are created from a manager’s perspective and are designed to help and inspire managers when working with the results. You have the opportunity to directly add the Suggested Actions to the segment’s action plan. When you have added the suggested action, you are able to work with the action plan together with your team and adjust different settings. 

As an administrator, you have the opportunity to create customized suggested actions for managers and employees to view and add to their action plans.

In order to create your own suggested actions, go to "Settings" and "Questions". Within questions, you are able to edit a question by pressing the three dots to the right of the question. When editing the question you can also see the advice for employees and segments written by organizational psychologists. Here you are also able to add your own suggested actions for each question.

The Suggested actions are available in all languages. If you have created your own suggested actions, you have the possibility to translate them in the platform.