Supportive Chat

This feature empowers admins and managers to engage in anonymous supportive conversations with employees who have scored low on our sensitive questions or their direct manager.

For administrators 

As an Admin you can choose to interact in an anonymous Supportive chat from either the Organization view or Segment view,  while Managers only has access to supportive chat from their Segment view. 

Chats initiated on Organization view will target the managers for segments with low scored answers on sensitive questions, while chats initiated on segment level will target the employees giving low scored answers on the sensitive questions.

For managers

As a manager you will be able to interact in an anonymous supportive chat with the employees who have scored low on our sensitive questions part of your segment. 

For employees

When an employee receives a supportive chat, they will receive a notification. Under Me > Conversations they will see "Anonymous supportive chat started by your manager due to a low score on this question". Open chat to respond." 

Enable Supportive Chat feature

To be able to utilize the Supportive chat, the feature must be enabled in the comment section

  • Navigate to Settings and Features
  • Toggle on the feature Supportive chat

Now the Supportive chat can be initiated either from the Insight card, or from the distribution section of the sensitive question within the driver of the segment report.

  • Via Insights feature:
    Supportive Chat_2

  • Via distribution inside the specific driver:

Supportive Chat_4


Note: If you disable Enable comments in the attribute specific settings on an attribute, then you will not be able to initiate supportive chat within those segments.