Troubleshooting browsers

The first thing to try before following this entire guide is to:

  • Sign out and in again from Eletive
    • For example, if access has been given while signed in this will not apply until the next sign in for security reasons
  • After signed in again, refresh the page in your browser by hitting the refresh button

If that does not work, please proceed.


Web browsers keep temporary local storage called cache of web documents, images and other media. The purpose is to speed up browsing but sometimes this can cause problems by displaying and using old information and code instead of the current one.

It is also common to use browser extensions to add functionality to the browser. However, sometimes extensions can cause problems as well.

Read more about recommended browsers if you are uncertain of what browser to use.


To determine if a problem is due to cache or extensions, incognito windows are great as they will not store cache after they are closed in general. They will also deactivate all browser extensions usually. Try this:

  • Identify what browser you are using
  • Open an incognito/private window according to the instructions below
  • Sign in to Eletive and verify if you still experience any problems

If your problems still persist, contact us. If your problem is solved, it is probably due to cache or a browser extension. Keep reading to solve the issue.

Empty cache

If the problem was not present in an incognito/private window, it is a good idea to clear the browser cache.

  • Identify what browser you are using
  • Clear cache of the browser according to the instructions below

Restart the browser and test if the problem persists. If so, keep reading.


If the problem still persists and it did work as intended in an incognito window, remove your browser extensions or disable them one by one to find out which of them is causing the problem.