Whistleblower Feature: How to Set Up and Utilize It

A whistleblower comment is a confidential report made by an individual who discloses information about wrongdoing, unethical behavior, or concerns within an organization.

Whistleblowing feature set up

  1. Enable the whistleblowing feature by navigating to Settings > Features > Enable Conversations and Whistleblower Comments
  2. Go to Settings > Conversations> Whistleblower Settings. Choose your whistleblowing auditors.

The whistleblower feature is now ready to use.

Internal use - How to submit a whistleblower comment

All users in Eletive that are registered with an email will have the option to leave a whistleblower comment by navigating to:

Me > Conversations > Whistleblower reports > New whistleblower report

Auditor – How to work with the whistleblower comments

The auditors will find all whistleblower comments submitted by navigating to Organization > Conversations > Whistleblower reports.

Here the auditor will be able to read and answer all whistleblower comments. The auditor will have the option to set a status on each comment:

  • Received
  • Investigating
  • Closed

The status will be reflected in the whistleblower chat and will be visible to the person who submitted the whistleblower comment.

External use - How to report

External parties or users that don´t have access to the Eletive platform are able to report a whistleblower comment. They will do this through a link that the administrator provides to the external party.

The external link will be found by navigating to Settings > Comments > Whistleblower Settings > URL for external whistleblower reporting.

If you want to re-generate the URL, click on Generate new URL.

Please note: Generating a new URL will make the previous URL invalid.

When an external party has written a whistleblowing comment, they will have the option to enter their email address, to become notified when they receive a reply. When the comment is submitted the external party will be presented with a URL and password, that can be used to access updates/answers in the errand at a later stage.