Create a recurring 360 feedback survey

Launching a recurring 360 feedback survey allows you to select a specific frequency for your survey and auto-selects your reviewers, leaving you with minimal administrative work. Since the recurring 360 feedback auto-selects reviewers for a subject, you need to ensure that the organizational structure is in place before attempting to launch a the survey. If you don't already have a user attribute that connects people based on who they report to, this attribute needs to be created. If you want to target a specific group as your subject, you should also make sure to group the subjects together by placing them in the same attribute.

Follow the steps below to start a recurring 360 feedback survey: 

  • Navigate to Settings > 360 feedback 
  • Press "Add recurring survey"
  • Choose a survey title 
  • Select survey frequency 
  • Add subjects (the people who will be reviewed) by selecting one or multiple segments the platform will generate a 360 feedback survey for every individual within the selected segment(s)  

  • Choose to create your own survey or start from a template 
    • If choosing an existing template, you can choose between Eletive's templates or custom templates created by your organization
    • If you are adding questions, choose between the following question types: 1-5 question, multiple choice, text or NPS
      • For 1-5 questions a category must be created to group questions together, similar to drivers for regular surveys. Make sure to highlight the category by clicking on it before continuing
  • The reviewers will be derived from the user attribute and selected using the following logic:
    • Manager - selected from the "direct" segment the subject belongs to
    • Peers - selected from the "direct" segment the subject belongs to
    • Direct reports - selected from the "direct" segment the subject manages
  • Get a preview of the email invitation and the reminder email by pressing "Customize Invite". In here you can also edit the email texts and subjects. If your organization uses more than one language, remember to translate your customized email texts as well
  • Add start date, duration, end date, and time zone for your data collection settings and hit "Launch 360 survey"

The manager(s), peers, direct reports, and the subject will now receive a notification asking them to complete the 360 survey. For the subject, there is a self-evaluation portion to be completed. This will allow the subject to compare the reviewers' ratings with their own.  The results will be available once the 360-feedback survey has closed. Answers from peers and direct reports will be anonymous, while answers from managers will not.

Note: If a user's "participation" is turned off, they will not be able to be a subject or a reviewer for a 360 feedback survey.