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Customize Survey Invite & Reminder

Before sending out your survey, you have the opportunity to modify your survey invitation and reminders that the targeted employees will receive.

Customize Invitation

Here you have the opportunity to customize your survey invitation. You can customize both the Invite e-mail, and the Reminder e-mail.

When managing the custom invite you also have the opportunity to add translations. Select the language in the drop-down selector at the top of the module, add the translation  by changing the Subject and Text fields. Your Subject will be the header of the invitation. Text is the content of the email, here, you can explain more about the survey and why you are using Eletive. Once finished, press "Save". 

See example of default email survey invite: 

When are automatic reminders sent? 

Eletive also sends automatic reminders, these are only sent to those employees who haven't answered the survey yet. The content of the survey reminder can be changed as instructed above. It is not possible to turn on/off or change the automatic reminder functionality.  

Automatic reminders are sent: 

  • 24 hours before the survey ends
  • If the survey duration is longer than 18 days an automatic reminder is also sent:
    • Three days after the survey has started
    • and repeated every two weeks 

Automatic reminders are not sent: 

  • If the survey duration is equal to or less than 3 days

It is also possible to send a survey reminder manually.  

Note:  Due to auto-processing occurring once every second hour the reminders can be delayed. Moreover, the automatic reminders applies for all survey types.