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Delete (change) user answers

After a survey has been performed, the answers cannot be changed. However, if the survey is still open it is possible to delete all the specific user answers (on the regular 1-5 questions) in the schedule send out. Please note, if the user has left comments in connection to the send out these will not be deleted. Moreover if multiple schedules target the same user at the same time and all answers should be deleted, this process has to be repeated on all affected schedules. Perform the following to delete all answers for one or more users in an open survey. 

  • Navigate to Settings and Schedules
  • Open the schedule with the open survey send out
  • Press the Delete user answers button in the Current Survey section
  • In the side panel, find and select all users that should have their answers deleted
  • Press the Delete button
  • Confirm that the answers should be Deleted and that this cannot be undone
  • After the confirmation screen is shown, all answers have been deleted for the selected users in this survey send out
  • Inform the user to press the notification link (in for example email, web, mobile, etc) again and perform the survey once more. If the user cannot find the email or has deleted it, follow this guide to gain access to the survey without email.