Minimum answer amount

Segment reports will not show if there are not enough answers and/or users. The default size is 5 answers and users.

Limit change

This limit can be changed to other levels than 5 by following this instruction.

  • Navigate to Settings and General
  • Changing the "Minimum segment size" parameter to the desired level
  • Press save

Display logic

It is important to note that the report can display even if 5 users have not performed the latest survey, this is not an error. Eletive utilizes moving average aggregation and for that reason, depending on the frequency and other factors explained further here the datapoint can contain for example 5 answers or more even if only 3 people answer the survey the last run. Because there are 5 users in the segment, it is also impossible to determine what users answered the survey making it completely anonymous. However, there need to be at least the correct amount of respondents in the segment.