Multiple benchmark settings for organization, segment and me level reports

Eletive multiple benchmark feature allows you to tailor your benchmark values to unparalleled levels of specificity, providing you with deeper and invaluable insights within your reports.

Configuration for administrators

Eletive has an extensive database containing different industries and users for organizations around the world which results in a great benchmark. By default, the none industry-specific Eletive benchmark is used for the entire organization. This benchmark contains data from all our users across different industries. With multiple benchmark, you can add the option for all employees to have even more specific benchmark insights on all report levels.

Add on the Multiple Benchmark feature by

  • Navigate to Settings and Features
  • Toggle on the feature Multiple Benchmark
  • Then navigate to Settings and Benchmark

Follow this guide to set your organization's default benchmarks.

Administrators can activate the "Allow users to change their default benchmark from the overview page" option within specific report levels. This grants employees the freedom to modify their default benchmark settings, unlocking a world of tailored insights.

Configuration for all users

When your organization has added the possibility to add multiple benchmarks in a report you as an Eletive user have the possibility to add more insightful benchmarks to your reports in the report levels you have access to. 

To add on a new benchmark to a report

  • Navigate to the main view of the selected report (Me, Segment or Organization) 
  • Click on the Settings icon on the right-hand side corner
  • From Add Benchmarks selector you can see all the available benchmark options
  • Click and select the ones you wish to add to the report
  • Click on Apply
  • Save changes

Now your selected benchmarks have been added to your report and you can view them by hovering over the benchmark field.


Me and segment report PPT-presentations will always show the set default benchmarks of the organization.