Users gaining access


When creating a user that is an administrator, that user will get an invite to the platform right away to sign up. Please note that current users that get administrator access will not get an invite, only new users.

Other users

Other users like employees, managers, and all other roles will have the ability to sign up for a password after completing the first survey. If SSO is active, they will not need to set a password. This way, users are not spammed with emails and the survey response process is easy and streamlined to keep a high participation rate.

Gaining access without an invite

If you want a user to sign in to the tool for some reason without sending a survey invite or making them administrators upon creation they can. Make sure you have created them as users in the organization and tell them to use the forgot password feature. In case SSO is active, they can sign in right away.

First-time user verification by managers

The first time a survey should be performed, managers have not signed up through an email and signed in to the tool. If the organization wants managers to verify their own user data by activating that feature they should utilize the forgot password feature. This is the suggested way of working:

  • Create all the data as you intend it to be
  • Send out an email to managers linking the forgot password guide and tell them to use it to gain access to
  • Perform the verification or work that you want to be performed

However, if a survey has been previously been sent out, the managers will have access. Please also note that if SSO is active, you can only tell them to sign in right away without using the forgot password feature.