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Administrate a schedule as a manager

This feature allows for managers to create and manage their own schedules, which are used to send out engagement surveys.

For this feature to be enabled, an administrator needs to turn on the attribute specific setting called "Administrate Surveys". This setting is turned on per attribute, meaning that only managers for segments within that attribute with will be able to administrate their own surveys. 

Once this feature has been turned on, managers within the attribute will be able to view the "Schedules" section under Settings in the navigation bar:

In the schedules section managers will be able to overview all schedules within the organization. In the "Created by" column you can view which user who created which schedule. Schedules marked as "-" have been created prior to this feature being released. See example image of a schedule overview below: 

Note: As a manager you will only be able to administrate schedules you have created or if the segment you manage can administrate the specific schedule. As an example, in the image above the Manager of the Commercial department can only administrate the third schedule. 

Create a new schedule

  1. To create a new schedule press "Add Schedule" button in the top right corner. 
  2. Name the schedule to something appropriate. 
  3. Administrate from segment, in this field you select which segment (i.e which manager/s) that can administrate the schedule.
    Note: This field is mandatory and cannot be changed after the schedule has been saved. If you as manager only have access to one segment, it will be auto-selected. 
  4. Select Target group for the survey, meaning which segment/s that will receive the survey. Note: This field is also mandatory and cannot be left empty. 
  5. Users may also be part of other segments in other attributes, however as a manager you will only be able to exclude data from segments that you do manage. If one of the selected target group segments should not have a report generated, select this segment/s in "Exclude data from Segments". In most cases this field can be left empty, meaning no data is excluded from any segments the user belong to. 
  6. In the Survey question and frequency section.

    Select the desired Survey Frequency in the drop-down, and choose between different frequencies or manual (no frequency). 
  7. Continue by selecting the number of questions per survey
    For pulse survey frequencies we recommend that the two parameters: 
    "Time to complete full question battery" and"Moving average"
    match with each other.

    This way, the question battery is covered within one aggregation period. If using our default settings and standard question battery, these values will match by default. If not matching, our recommendation is to increase the number of questions per survey.  
  8. eNPS question frequency, select the frequency that the eNPS question should be sent out. Note that the eNPS question has to be enabled in step 10 below in order for this option to show. 
  9. Customize the invite and survey reminder if you want to. 
  10. Select which questions that are to be included in the survey by Customize questions, all questions will be included by default. As a manger you only have access to enable/disable question. Only Administrators/Superuser are able to edit them. 
  11. Select start date and time, duration and end date (if not a pulse utilizing a pulse frequency).  
  12. If you want to save the schedule and activate it later, press "Save".
  13. If you want to save and enable the schedule now, press "Save & Enable". 

Note: You will not be able to "Save" or "Save & Enable" the schedule if any mandatory fields are empty. 

Edit a schedule

  1. In the schedule overview, press the schedule. If nothing happens when pressing the schedule means that you are not able to administrate it (see step 3 above). 
  2. Change the setting you want to change, see information of the fields above. 
  3. Press "Save"