Attribute specific settings

This article outlines how special access can be granted to users and managers through attributes, and how specific settings can be configured to enable this functionality.

Navigate to settings and attributes, then select the attribute you want to change. Press the Edit button, change the desired settings and press "Save". 

Note:  The attribute specific settings are enabled per attribute. Meaning that settings may have to be activated for each of them if preferred.


Allow filter

With this parameter on, you can filter on all segments in the attribute and get the knowledge of, e.g. what is driving the engagement at the Sales department in Germany. You will be given a unique report depending on which filter you choose.

NOTE: Only users with access to the segment will see the filter which means that the user needs to be a manager for all segment in this attribute for them to be able to use all of them as filter.

In the example above, this kind of report can be viewed by the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the segment report
  2. Choose Germany as segment and Sales as the filter

Allow filter without access

Similar to "Allow filter" with the difference that the user does not need to be a manager of all segments to be able to filter with them. Read the information tooltip and use it with care as this will expose all part of the segment reports for this attribute. 

Segment report members

A user can by default only view their own results in the "Me"-section. However, with this parameter on, all the employees within the segments of the selected attribute will be able to view both their own answers and their team's answers for the segment they belong to within the attribute. The segment report(s) are located in the "Segments"-section. 

User organization report

Turn on this parameter to allow all employees in any segment in this attribute to view the organization overview report. The organization report is located in the "Organization"-section. 

Manager organization report

Activate to allow all managers in any segment in this attribute to view the organization overview report. Meaning that based on your preferences you can chose between allowing managers or users (everyone) to access the organization report. 

Segment branding

Activate this parameter to use segment name instead of organization name for users in the segments within this attribute. You can read more about this setting here: Segment Branding

Enable comments

When disabled, any new comment will not be connected to the segments in this attribute. Comments are still collected but only accessible on an organizational level, without the connection to the segment. When enabling this again, any comment that was submitted when the comments were hidden will remain disconnected to the segment. 

Manager User Access

Use these settings with extreme care and read the information in the app, there's a tooltip for each settings. By turning them on, you accept responsibility for any damaged or removed data by other users. You also acknowledge that Eletive will not restore or change any data due to the use of these features. By activating these settings, managers will get access to Settings and Users section with a variation of access depending on the settings.

View own users

This allows managers to view their own users in the Settings and Users section. Users belonging to the segments the manager has access to in the attribute will be avaialable under "Settings -> Users"

Edit ALL data for own users

Allows the manager to edit all data for the users they manage. In order to turn this setting on "View own users" need to be activated. 

Administrate surveys 

When this toggle is on, all managers of this attribute will be able to administrate their own surveys from the settings view. You can read more about administrating surveys to managers here: Administrate surveys

View ALL users

Same as "View own users" but can see all users in the organization instead of their own.

Edit ALL data for ALL users

Allows the manager to edit all data for all users in the organization. In order to turn this setting on "View ALL users" need to be activated. 

Edit participation

If on, the manager can edit an user's participation flag. Thus making sure that users who shouldn't be included in the survey does not participate. This way managers can proactively update this before surveys are sent out. 


Allow managers to use the backdate function (not recommended). In order to turn this setting on either "Edit ALL data for own users" or "Edit ALL data for ALL users" needs to be turned on. 

Kiosk codes

This settings lets the managers download kiosk codes for the users they manage within the attribute. This way the distribution of Kiosk codes can be administrated to managers and be done per segment. Managers will be able to do this under "Settings/Users" followed by pressing "Kiosk" in the top right corner. 

In order to turn on this setting on either "View own users" or "View ALL users" needs to be turned on.