Get started with 360 feedback surveys

A 360 feedback system is a great way to facilitate and improve people development. 360 feedback helps managers and employees develop their strengths and identify areas of improvement. 

To get started with a 360 feedback review, you need to first select if the survey should be recurring or if you want to create a non-recurring survey. When choosing a recurring 360 feedback survey, administrators have the ability to schedule recurring surveys and utilize the organizational structure already in place in the tool. If you don't already have a user attribute that connects people based on who they report to, this attribute needs to be created before launching a recurring 360 feedback survey. When choosing a non-recurring 360 feedback survey, administrators have the option to choose a subject and reviewers manually, regardless of organizational structure and reporting lines. Access to create non-recurring surveys can also be given to managers and employees.

360 feedback settings

First step is to enable the 360 feedback feature. This is done by navigating to Settings and Features:

Once the feature is enabled a new tab called 360 feedback will be visible under Settings:

There are 360 feedback settings that need to be selected before you get started with a 360 survey. Navigate to Settings and 360 feedback to ensure that the settings reflect how you want to utilize the 360 feedback feature in your organization.

  • Managers can initiate non-recurring 360 surveys - Turn this feature on if you want managers in your organization to be able to initiate non-recurring 360 surveys

  • Employees can initiate non-recurring 360 surveys - Turn this feature on if you want employees in your organization to be able initiate non-recurring 360 surveys. You can specify which employees should be able to initiate by either selecting:
    • Organization wide (all employees) or
    • Select segments that can initiate 360 surveys

Select the minimum segment size and maximum number of reviewers for your surveys. 


Note:  the number of peers and direct reports must be above the 360-specific minimum segment size to protect the reviewers' anonymity. Read more about minimum segment size here.

If minimum segment size is not met for either direct reports or peers, the survey can still be launched. Answers from this group won't be displayed in the report.

Create a 360 feedback template 

To get started, you can choose to use one of Eletive’s pre-made templates or you can create your own questions and save them as a template for your organization. There is no limit for how many templates you can create. 

Follow the steps below to create your own 360 feedback template: 

  • Navigate to Settings and 360 feedback and Create new template
  • Add Template Name, Description, and select between "Create my own" or "Start from template"
  • Select if the template should be locked (if no changes should be allowed once selected)
  • Click "Continue" and add the questions you want to be included in your template
    • Choose between the following question types: 1-5 question, multiple choice, text or NPS
    • For 1-5 questions a category must be created to group questions together, similar to drivers for regular surveys. Make sure to highlight the category by clicking on it before continuing
  • Press "Create template"

Ready to launch a survey? Read more about the setup process here:

Recurring 360 feedback survey setup

Non-recurring 360 feedback survey setup

Note: The 360-feedback result will not be available until the survey has closed.