Integrate with Slack

Describes how to enable Slack integration in Eletive. A feature that enables notifications from Eletive to be sent to your Slack Workspace.


In Eletive

  • Go to "Settings -> Features and make sure that you have enabled Slack Integrations
  • Go to "Setting -> Integrations"
  • Select "Slack"
  • Click "Add to Slack"
  • Allow Eletive Access to your Slack workspace

Note: The users email in Slack need to match the user email in Eletive. 


With the Slack integration enabled you will now also see the Slack Notification option in the Notifications tab.


When are the Slack notifications sent?

Slack notifications based on the plattforms notifications, what messages that are sent and when they are sent can be found here: Notifications under the section called Notification triggers.


If you have questions regarding the Eletive slack app you can contact us at or initiate a chat though this page in the bottom right corner. 

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