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Create and edit schedules

With Eletive you have the possibility to create one or multiple schedules. A schedule will continuously create survey send-outs. Surveys can be sent to either a targeted group or to the entire organization. A schedule will also have a frequency, meaning how frequently the survey will be sent out.

A common way to use schedules is to

  • Create one schedule for the entire organization company, e.g. every quarter
  • Create other schedules for selected departments, e.g. every week

When it comes to result in reports, normally the other schedules are not included in the organizational report.

Schedules can be found in settings and schedules.

Create a schedule

By default, an organization schedule already exists so this does not need to be created.
  1. Press the Add schedule button
  2. Name the schedule to something appropriate
  3. If the schedule should only target specific segments, select them as Target group
    1. NOTE: If the entire organization should be targeted, leave empty
  4. When targeting specific segments, the users in them will receive the survey. These users may also be part of other segments in other attributes, like gender segments. This will mean that the gender segment reports will also be updated with the generated data. If that is not desired, use "Exclude data from Segments" and select the gender segments in this case.
    1. NOTE: If the entire organization should be targeted, it is recommended to keep this empty
  5. Decide if the results of the schedule should be included in the organizational report, if yes, activate the parameter "Include in organization report" otherwise make sure it is turned off
  6. Select the desired frequency
  7. Customize the invite and the survey reminder if you want to
  8. Customize what questions are included in the schedule if needed (all will be included by default)
    1. If questions are turned off during a survey, it will only affect the next survey
  9. Select start date and time, duration and end date if not a pulse schedule
  10. If you want to save the schedule and activate it later, press Save
  11. If you want to save and enable the schedule now, press Save & Enable

    Edit a schedule

    1. Press the schedule
    2. Change the setting you want to change
    3. Save