Survey invite not received

If you did not receive the invite to the survey from Eletive, there are several things to verify.

Email inbox

Sometimes, the emails end up in the spam folder depending on whether the organisation has whitelisted Eletive and personal settings. Please check the spam folder and ensure that the invite is not there.

There can also be inbox rules that redirect emails; please check that it has not ended up in another folder due to a redirect rule.

It is also common to have deleted the email and forgot about it, please check the trash folder and make sure it is not there.


Verify that the notifications under "Me" for Employee Survey (and Custom Survey) are turned on. Read more about notifications here.

Not included or user not existing

If the notifications are active and you cannot find the email, please contact your organisation administrator or HR so they can verify that you are included in the survey send-out and that your email is correct and exist in Eletive.

Getting access without the invitation email

If the invitation email cannot be found, there is a way to perform the survey anyway.

  • Sign in to Eletive by navigating to the Eletive app or the mobile app
  • If you do not have a password, use the forgot password feature
    • If the email does not exist in Eletive, contact your organisation administrator or HR to create your user
  • When signed in, press Notifications in the menu
  • In the panel that opens, you will be able to see the employee survey
  • Press that notification and you will be able to perform the survey

Do not forward or use other users' links

All links from Eletive are personal, including survey links. Do not forward your emails from Eletive to anyone else or press links in emails from users that they forwarded.


If the notifications are on, a new link will be sent when the survey reminder is sent as well (if the survey has not been performed already).