User Provisioning - HR systems/HRIS

This article will outline how to connect to and provision users from one of our supported HR systems/HRIS integrations


Connecting Eletive to one of our supported HR systems/HRIS allows for automatic provisioning of your employee data. Eletive supports a wide range of HRIS/HR system integrations. Depending on the integration and source system, there may be limits to what can be provisioned, such as certain fields, custom fields or manager for a employee. If you want to understand what is supported for a specific connector read our supported HRIS list and/or talk to your Eletive representative or send an email to


  • Navigate to "Settings / Features", and enable the feature called "HRIS Integration" under the Integrations category.
  • Now navigate to "Settings / Integrations"
  • Click on "Connect with HIRS"

  • Select your HR system/HRIS

  • Proceed by authorizing/connecting with your HRIS and Save
    • Please note that depending on the HR system/HRIS, the connection process/inputs can vary

  • The integration is now connected, proceed to configuration


When configuring an integration for the first time or editing an existing one, a few things can be configured.

Lifecycle management

Inactive users

  • Disable participation - Will disable participation for users who are inactive in the source system
  • Delete - Will delete users if they are inactive in the source system

Remove old users after

In case the "employment_end_date" field is available in the source system, this option will be available.

  • Directly - Will delete users as soon as end date has passed
  • X months - Will delete the users x months after the end date has passed
  • Never - Will never delete the users

Attribute mapping

Perform attribute mapping by mapping each HRIS field with the appropriate Eletive attribute depending on your needs.

If your Eletive attributes have not been configured yet, learn more about creating new/editing existing attributes, as well as about the different attribute types here.

The segments within each attribute do not need to be created prior to enabling the integration, these will be created automatically by the integration. 

Please note that a few Standard fields will always be synchronized and any unmapped fields will be excluded by the integration. The following are Eletive's standard fields mapped in the background:

Eletive Field HRIS API Field
First Namefirst_name first_name
Last Name last_name
Email (Primary) email
External ID id

Enabling or Saving/Updating

Once the integration have been configured and saved, the integration can be enabled. If the integration is already enabled and the configuration is changed, it only needs to be saved. Users are synchronized automatically every 24 hours. You also have the opportunity to initialize a synchronization manually, note that this operation is restricted and can only be done once every 24 hours.


Note: Available for setup in Eletive platform, during Q4 2023.