Survey participation

Temporarily exclude users from send-outs

Sometimes users do not work temporarily and should not be included in surveys. If the user is deleted, all data is removed which is not good. Instead, use the "Participate in survey" parameter on the users. This is great for different leaves of absence. If turned off, the user will not receive surveys and will not be a part of the participation rate either.

Changing the parameter

To change if a user should participate in surveys, perform the following.

  1. Navigate to Settings and Users
  2. Locate the user you would like to deactivate from surveys
  3. Open up the user for edit
  4. Press the button below "Participate in survey", turning it red
  5. Press save

If you want to retroactively turn off an employee's participation, you can backdate their participation. Read more about how to backdate a user's participation here.

To activate the user again, simply activate the parameter.

View participation rate

Keeping an eye on participation and taking proactive measures such as sending reminders and extending the survey can help achieve a higher participation rate. To check the participation rate while the survey is still open, navigate to Settings and Schedules:

  • Click on the active schedule you wish to view
  • Scroll down to the "Current Survey" section
  • View Participation Rate and Ratio

Managers can view their segment's participation rate by navigating to the Segment tab and scrolling down to the section called "Participation Rate" at the bottom of the report. Managers can view the segment's participation rate while the survey is active and when it has closed. We highly recommend that the managers also encourage and remind their employees to complete the survey.