Setup process overview

An overview on how to set up organizational settings such as users, frequency, segments and attributes

1. Appoint administrators

The administrators will be the main point of contact towards the Eletive customer success manager. The administrator will be responsible for keeping the data in the tool updated and manage the setup. Send the first name, last name and emails of the appointed organizational administrators to your contact person at Eletive. Each administrator will receive an email invite.

You can also appoint superusers and analysts, depending on the access you wish to assign. You can read more about the different user roles here.

2. Whitelist Eletive for emails

We recommend that you contact IT to whitelist all emails coming from the domain This way, any problems with emails ending up in the spam folder will be avoided.

3. Create attributes

An attribute is a category and it consists of several segments. The attributes are defined as the segment headings or the names of categories. (E.g. group, unit, department, country, birthdate). Add the attributes you want to analyze in the tool.

Learn more about attributes and how to create them here.

4. Create segments

Adding segments can be done manually, by “mass edit” or integrations. Segments are created automatically when adding users via the mass edit function.

5. Add users/Import users

You can import users into the tool manually, using our mass edit function or by integration. 

Read about how to add users here.

6. Appoint Managers

Managers are users that are given manager access to a segment report. E.g. An HR manager is given manager access to the HR segment report. The HR manager will then be able to see the HR segment report. If you are using an "user attribute" (also called manager attribute), manager access is given automatically.

You can read more about how to appoint managers here.

7. Select features

Navigate to Settings and Features and activate or deactivate features according to your needs.

8. Select general settings

Navigate to Settings and general to update settings for your organization, upload a logo and choose your minimum segment size.

Read more about minimum segment size here

9. Prepare survey and schedule setup

Navigate to Settings and Schedule to create a schedule for your coming survey send out. You can choose to "Save" or "Save & Enable" depending on if you are ready to activate the schedule.

Read about how to create a schedule here

What happens when we send out a survey for the first time?

  1. All employees will get an email with a link to the survey
  2. After answering the questions, the users will be asked to choose a password (if SSO is not active)
  3. When they have chosen a password, they will be signed in automatically into the app to view their result

10. Go-live!

Congratulations! On the date of your first scheduled survey, you are now live and can view the results in real-time as the answers are collected!